SCLM Report to General Convention Published

The commission’s report to the 2015 General Convention is now published online, on the General Convention website. Still to come are the appendices, which include a proposed revision and expansion of Liturgical Resources 1, the resources for blessing same-sex relationships that the 2012 General Convention approved; a proposed new resource for commemorations, replacing Holy Women, Holy Men; and  liturgical materials for honoring God in creation.

End of Trial Use

The official year of trial use of Holy Women, Holy Men concluded on June 30. Many thanks to our blogging team who created the posts, and to all of our readers and all of you who commented on the commemorations.

This summer the Calendar Committee of the Standing Commission on Liturgy and Music is continuing its review of your comments and responses to the online survey. The committee is preparing recommendations for the commission to review at our October meeting, and a public report of those recommendations would come after that meeting.

Ruth Meyers

Chair, Standing Commission on Liturgy and Music