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Yesterday the Standing Commission on Liturgy and Music released excerpts from the resources we’ve developed. As the article on Episcopal News Service notes, a series of meetings this spring will give us an opportunity to introduce these materials to Bishops and Deputies, who will consider them at General Convention this July. The Province IX Synod (dioceses in Latin America and the Caribbean) met this week and heard a presentation. The House of Bishops will discuss the materials at their meeting later this month, and Deputies will participate in a discussion in the Deputy Online Forum from March 16-23. Representatives of the Commission will make a presentation at each Provincial Synod in Provinces I-VIII later this spring.

The Deputy Online Forum site includes links to the resources in both English and Spanish. The discussion is live-streamed and publicly available; only those who are deputies will be able to post in the discussion.

Developing these materials has been a rich and rewarding process as the Commission has heard stories and reflected together on Scripture and tradition in light of our contemporary context. Here on the blog, we’ve been exploring different aspects of the resources as the Church prepares for General Convention. We’ll continue to post reflections throughout the spring.

The resources released now include a theological reflection, a proposed liturgy, and two resolutions the Commission is proposing to General Convention.  The full set of resources will include an introduction explaining the process the Commission has undertaken, a section on canons and legal issues, pastoral guidelines for preparing couples for a blessing liturgy, a discussion guide, and an appendix that compiles relevant General Convention legislation. These resources will be published in the Blue Book, the compilation of reports to the General Convention that General Convention Office will be issue in April

We invite you to read the excerpts and tell us what you think.

Ruth Meyers
Chair, Standing Commission on Lturgy and Music

3 thoughts on “release of materials

  1. I am glad to know that Ruth Meyers is involved in this….it will be a good product. Our Diocese is just now addressing the issue. It occurs to me that to address this issue, we first need a clear, articulate theology of marriage as a sacrament! The BCP words abut Jesus first sign being at the wedding at Canna is most week. What reference can you suggest that contains such a theology? I hate to use the quip that it is an outward and visible sign of Jesus command to love our enemies! Seriously, I believe the argumment for gays/lesbians would far clearer if we had a clear theology of plain marriage.

    Bob Partlow

    • Bob,

      Yes, a clear theology of marriage would be helpful. We bumped up against that over and over this triennium. The commission is proposing that a special task force study marriage – that’s the second resolution arising from our work on this material.

      Thanks for your kind words.

      Ruth Meyers

  2. I would like to thank the SCLM and all who have prayerfully and so thoughtfully engaged the issues surrounding the blessing of same-sex couples. Though I still hold hope of one day being able to marry the one I love, I hold in deep respect and fondness the above documents and resources and those who have labored over them. I also hold in deep respect the concerns of those that may feel that the church is moving too slowly or too quickly. I pray that we may find unity in appreciation of our God given diversity and our common call in baptism.

    I’m especially moved by the words found on page 8 that state that “Just as the blessing of bread and wine at the eucharist sets them apart from ordinary usage and designates them for a particular, sacred purpose, so the public affirmation of divine blessing in a covenantal relationship sets that relationship apart from other types of relationship.” Following God’s call on our lives, or as some put it, “missional living” points to a lifestyle that engages all relationships in light of the Gospel. It is for this purpose that we are created and have our being – to love one another as Christ loves us.

    Blessings on you and your work and on the upcoming deliberations of the church at convention!


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