Synods Experience the Proposed Liturgy

Synods experience the proposed Liturgy

The Rev. Thaddeus Bennett

April 16, 2012

 Members of the SCLM and the Task Groups that prepared the SCLM’s report are beginning to present to the pre-General Convention Provincial Synod meetings being held around the church.

 In late March we presented to Province IX and this past weekend (April 13-14) the Province of New England (Province One) spent 2 hours looking at and discussing the SCLM’s work.  The next presentations will be at Province V at the Marriott at O’Hare (April 24-25) and at Province VI at the Doubletree, Omaha (April 26-28).  The purpose of all these presentations is to help Bishops and Deputies understand the work of the SCLM, bring clarity to the various parts of the Report and to answer questions so that at the General Convention the church can discuss and decide how best to move forward in mission and ministry.

 The most important part of these meetings is to allow those present to experience the proposed liturgy, either as a role play or as a theater-style reading.  As one bishop said, “The liturgy always informs the theology and theology always informs the liturgy.  By experiencing the liturgy, rather than just reading it, we help everyone engage the material in an important way. This in turn informs our conversation around the theological work of the SCLM.”

 Let us know what you think about your Synod presentation and how things went.

 Los Sínodos experimentan la Liturgia propuesta

Rev. Thaddeus Bennett

16 de Abril del 2012

 Los miembros de la SCLM y los Grupos de Trabajos que prepararon el informe de la SCLM están comenzando a hacer presentaciones a las reuniones Pre- Convención General de los Sínodos Provinciales que se están realizando alrededor del país.

 A finales del marzo presentamos a la IX Provincia y este pasado fin de semana (13-14 de abril) a la Provincia de Nueva Inglaterra (Provincia Uno) invirtiendo dos horas mirando y discutiendo acerca del trabajo de la SCLM.   Las próximas presentaciones serán en la Provincia V en el Hotel Marriot de O’ Hare (24-25 de abril)  y a la Provincia VI en el hotel Doubletree de Omaha (26-28 de abril).   El propósito de estas presentaciones es ayudar a los obispos y diputados a entender el trabajo de la SCLM, traer claridad sobre las varias partes del informe y responder preguntas, de manera tal que en la Convención General la iglesia pueda discutir y decidir cómo es la mejor manera de seguir adelante en misión y ministerio.

 La parte más importante de estas reuniones es permitir a aquellos presentes tener la experiencia de la liturgia propuesta, ya sea como un estilo de interpretación de roles o lectura teatral.  Como dijo un obispo, ” La liturgia siempre informa la teología y la teología siempre informa la liturgia.  Al experimentar la liturgia, más allá que una simple lectura de la misma, nos ayuda a todos a involucrarnos con el material en una manera importante.  Esto en retorno, informa nuestra conversación acerca del trabajo teológico de la SCLM”.

 Déjenos saber que usted piensa sobre la presentación en su Sínodo y como se dieron las cosas.


2 thoughts on “Synods Experience the Proposed Liturgy

  1. I attended the Province VII meeting recently and was richly blessed by the tone that Presiding Bishop Jefforts-Shori set and that was followed by the other presentations. It was a tone of deep respect for all God’s children and Creation, of gratitude for the abundance and diversity of goodness by which we are blessed, and of passion for spreading God’s Good News, particularly with those in the world who are hungry, oppressed, and marginalized.

    The polarized, fear-ridden environment so ubiquitous in our public and religious realms today was pleasantly nowhere to be found. When those from the liturgical group presented the same gender covenant materials, it was done respectfully, thoughtfully, and in a way that invited conversation but not polarization.

    I am amazed at how thoroughly the group performed their work– at how much thought, prayer, research and collaboration obviously went into the pastoral and educational materials and into the liturgy itself. The “readers theatre” was a wonderful way to present the liturgy. Questions and concerns were handled thoroughly and thoughtfully. And we were left enriched by the whole experience and prepared to move into the next steps of the process at General Convention.

    If this experience was any indication of how Convention and beyond will go, we are learning how to be the Church and how to truly be instruments of Good News in a suffering world. May it be so.

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