PowerPoint Presentation on SCLM Same-Sex Blessing work

Thad Bennett has updated the PowerPoint presentation that the SCLM used this past spring at Synod meetings so that now it can be used to explain how the SCLM did its work after GC 2009 and through GC 2012.  The presentation covers what C056 (GC2009) asked the SCLM to do, what they did, what they presented to GC2012 and what GC2012 passed.  (NOTE:  The presentation should NOT be used for congregations considering whether or not to make same-sex blessings part of their liturgical life.  That material is in the Report’s educational section.)

The presentation is designed to:

  • be used by someone who is familiar with the whole report  
  • be given as a one session presentation in a congregation. 
  • give a history and a brief overview of each section of the report. 

It is available as an attachment to this blog or you can email Thad at thadinvt@svcable.net for a copy.

SCLM Presentation Congregation one Session without Liturgy PPT Presentation

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