Request for Prayers on Racial Justice and Reconciliation

In response to Resolution A182, the SCLM is continuing the process of gathering liturgical resources to be suitable for inclusion for the prayers of the people that speak to issues of racial injustice and reconciliation.

The SCLM envisions this as a Church-wide project. We are eager to learn about the ways the Church has already been praying about racial reconciliation and hope to share online various prayers that can be used in The Prayers of the People.

We know there are many excellent prayers already in local use. We would like to begin to collect these resources and connect with the people who developed them.

If you are aware of any prayers that have been used or developed within your local context that speak to racial reconciliation, please send these to us by emailing Athena Hahn by March 20.

We also welcome you to contact us if you know of people in your diocese or parish who have written or are working on such prayers, please send us their contact information and encourage them to share their work with us.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns in regards to this work on the Standing Commission on Liturgy and Music please email Christopher Decatur, chair, Racial Reconciliation and Justice workgroup of the Standing Commission on Liturgy and Music.

One thought on “Request for Prayers on Racial Justice and Reconciliation

  1. “Liturgical resources on racial injustice and reconciliation” puts me to mind how much more connected we all are these days, via the internet, to corporate entities and concerns in general. Racial injustice and wars are two prime examples. Prayers/liturgies of confession are tools we already possess in the current Prayer Book. How about constructing prayers/liturgies calling for purity and cleansing from such connection? How about constructing prayers/liturgies that express our regret/lamentation at being connected to war and injustice?

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